Artistic Statement

I categorize my work into two groups: 1.Self-representation and writing, and 2. Immersive painting.

1. Self-representation and writing contains works that are attempts to make a self. These works are not about a notion of a real self to assert or to discover. Rather, by making works that I believe resemble me, I am forced to encounter processes that I recognize actually as art. Processes like:

This work relates to conceptual art strategies, reception theory, being a foreigner, art-market critique and feminist writing.

2. Immersive painting is what I call another mode in which I paint large pictures through my emotionality, physicality, impulsivity and endurance. My goal is to reach a state of aesthetic absorption. This state reminds me of my initial attachment to art in which I felt engulfed by abstract expressionist works when I saw them for the first time.

Some of my works could belong to both categories.